Brand New!
A Co-production of Retro Enterprises & Gakken
Hand-cranked Portable Projector

Now You can view old films from your grandparents, your parents or even new films by yourself!

Comes with a "Retro look" designed box.

Just open the box and you are ready to go.

By changing the parts inside, you can also view Regular-8 (known as Normal-8 or Standard-8)

It even comes with an instant splicer. (The splicing tape included)
You can't see your film?
Your projector is broken?
You want to check your film before you transfer to DVD?

Projector with LED

Just darken your room & you're ready to go.
Super bright LED makes a big, bright, clear picture.

Just turn the crank, and you can go back to the 50's 60's 70's 80's or today!

You can use all type of 8mm film ever made.

Also you can cut, past and edit with the instant splicer included with the projector.
Standard Pack
International Shipping,
English instructions

9480 Yen

(about US$100)

Edit Pack
International Shipping,
Splicing tape, Blank reel
English instructions

11480 Yen
(about US$120)

Contents Projector, reel, adaptor, instant splicer, English instruction manual
Features Super bright LED
Super-8, Single-8, Regular-8 (Normal-8) compatible.

Battery 3 x AA batteries
Material ABS, POM, PF, PP, Metal etc.
Weight 190g
Manufacturer Gakken
Misc. Size:21.5cm x 9cm x 19.3cm
Battreies are not included.
8mm film not included.

How to order?

Retro Enterprises Co., Ltd
Tokyo, Japan